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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-28Rerun automake in newlib/HEADmasterSzabolcs Nagy
2022-09-26Fix missing extern C statementMarkus B. Moessner
2022-09-24powerpc/setjmp: Add 64-bit supportSebastian Huber
2022-09-19Implement sysconf for ArmJeff Johnston
2022-09-10upstream OpenBSD: arc4random: fix indenttb
2022-09-10upstream OpenBSD: arc4random: Randomise the rekey interval a little.djm
2022-09-10upstream OpenBSD: arc4random: Remove unused ivbits argument from chacha_keysetupdtucker
2022-09-10upstream OpenBSD: arc4random: replace abort() with _exit()deraadt
2022-09-10upstream OpenBSD: arc4random: bump file versionsCorinna Vinschen
2022-09-10upstream OpenBSD: arc4random: Add support for building arc4random with MSVC.bcook
2022-09-05Cygwin: cygtls: drop useless alignment directivesCorinna Vinschen
2022-09-01Don't allocate another header when merging chunksTorbjörn SVENSSON
2022-09-01Used chunk needs to be removed from free_listTorbjörn SVENSSON
2022-08-31Fix some Coverity Scan errors.Jeff Johnston
2022-08-31Restore _lock initialization in non-single threaded modeTorbjörn SVENSSON
2022-08-29Cygwin: testsuite: Add x86_64 code to "dynamically load cygwin" testJon Turney
2022-08-29Cygwin: testsuite: In pathconf01 use the temporary directory instead of "/tmp"Jon Turney
2022-08-29Cygwin: testsuite: Fix size of write to temporary file to be mmap()edJon Turney
2022-08-29Cygwin: testsuite: Fix TEST_RETURN for 64-bitJon Turney
2022-08-29Cygwin: testsuite: Remove passing tests from XFAIL listJon Turney
2022-08-29Cygwin: testsuite: Don't write coredump in a child which is expected to segfaultJon Turney
2022-08-29Cygwin: cygtls: fix context alignmentCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-29Cygwin: fork: fix a potential hang in forkCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-26libgloss: riscv: Convert to non-recursive automakePalmer Dabbelt
2022-08-23Cygwin: cwd: use SRWLOCK instead of mutoCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-23Cygwin: mmap: use SRWLOCK instead of mutoCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-23Cygwin: tls_pathbuf: Use Windows heapCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-23Fix problem with _newlib_version.h not being filled in correctlyJeff Johnston
2022-08-22Cygwin: smallprint.cc: Drop HEAP_ZERO_MEMORYCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: posix_timer: fix formattingCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: push missing change to debug.hCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: debugging: convert muto to SRWLOCKCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: shm: Convert muto into SRWLOCK and avoid overlockingCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: authz: Use dedicated locks per datastructureCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: spawn: don't overallocate SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES bufferCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-22Cygwin: smallprint.cc: Convert tmpbuf to locklessCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-20Cygwin: profiler: Fix linking when building with -DDEBUGGINGCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-20Cygwin: wchar.h: Fix commentCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-19Cygwin: sigproc.cc: drop Static macro, use explicit NO_COPY insteadCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-19Cygwin: drop __fastcall calling convention specifiersCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-19Cygwin: miscfuncs.h: fix commentCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-15SH: Do not build syscalls if option providedYilin Sun via Newlib
2022-08-12newlocale: fix crash when trying to write to __C_localeCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: move POSIX semaphore API functions to posix_ipc.ccCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: rename CygwinCreateThread to create_posix_threadCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: mm/malloc_wrapper.cc: fix a commentCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: move __caller_return_address to mm/malloc_wrapper.ccCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: make import_address a static inline functionCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: make check_invalid_virtual_addr a static inline functionCorinna Vinschen
2022-08-10Cygwin: move memory management sources into mm subdirCorinna Vinschen