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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asset-lite-greasepencilUpdate preview render to last changesAntonio Vazquez14 days
bevelv2Better comments and fixing implicit precision conversion warnings.Howard Trickey14 days
blender-v3.4-releaseFix T102187: Add knife tool in mesh panelPratik Borhade13 days
masterCleanup: Disable mesh normal debug time printingHans Goudey13 days
refactor-mesh-position-genericMerge branch 'master' into refactor-mesh-position-genericHans Goudey2 weeks
refactor-mesh-uv-map-genericAlways ensure bool layers for pyhton api.Martijn Versteegh13 days
soc-2022-many-lights-samplingFix: wrong argument passed to `sample_resevoir()`Weizhen Huang2 weeks
temp-sculpt-roll-mappingMerge branch 'master' into temp-sculpt-roll-mappingJoseph Eagar2 weeks
temp-xr-virtual-camera-experimentAdd support for XrSession (untested).Jeroen Bakker2 weeks
tmp-vfx-platform-2023deps: fix USD build on linuxRay Molenkamp2 weeks
v3.3.1commit b292cfe5a9...Thomas Dinges7 weeks
v2.93.11commit d52a0fa115...Thomas Dinges7 weeks
v3.3.0commit 0759f671ce...Thomas Dinges3 months
v3.2.2commit bcfdb14560...Thomas Dinges4 months
v2.93.10commit 0a65e1a8e7...Thomas Dinges4 months
v3.2.1commit a2d59b2dac...Thomas Dinges5 months
v3.2.0commit e05e1e3691...Thomas Dinges6 months
v2.83.20commit a56e2faeb7...Philipp Oeser7 months
v2.93.9commit 31712ce77a...Philipp Oeser7 months
v3.1.2commit cc66d1020c...Philipp Oeser8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
13 daysCleanup: Disable mesh normal debug time printingHEADmasterHans Goudey
13 daysCleanup: Move lineart_cpu.c to C++Hans Goudey
13 daysUV: fix compile on windowsChris Blackbourn
13 daysFix T95335 Bevel operator Loop Slide overshoot.Howard Trickey
13 daysMerge branch 'blender-v3.4-release'Pratik Borhade
13 daysFix T102187: Add knife tool in mesh panelblender-v3.4-releasePratik Borhade
13 daysDRW: Manager: Fix `ClearMulti` breaking compilation on MacClément Foucault
13 daysBLI: Fix `ListBaseWrapper::get` wrong return typeClément Foucault
13 daysDRW: Manager: Add `bind_texture` command for vertex bufferClément Foucault
13 daysDRW: Manager: Add `ClearMulti` commandClément Foucault