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2022-01-05increase parent link paddingHEADmasterChen Zhe
2022-01-05configurable font face linkChen Zhe
2022-01-05auto minify css and jsChen Zhe
2022-01-04Shrink margin for bigger photos and add optional parent linkChen Zhe
2021-01-31only animate video icon at hover not focusChen Zhe
2021-01-30update footer styling and auto-dateChen Zhe
2021-01-30open video link in new windowChen Zhe
2021-01-30add an external play button when video frame is not displayedChen Zhe
2021-01-29Add embedded video supportChen Zhe
2021-01-29add padding to footerChen Zhe
2020-12-28Merge pull request #1 from KL1RL/masterChen Zhe
2020-12-17Updated version of jQuery to 3.5.1-min. Fixes for CVE-2020-11023KL1RL
2020-02-19add config to disable EXIF displayChen Zhe
2020-02-19use absolute links for Hugo theme siteChen Zhe
2020-02-18update readmeChen Zhe
2020-02-18shorten readme linksChen Zhe
2020-02-18update readmeChen Zhe
2020-02-18bump to latest jquery versionChen Zhe
2020-02-17adapt to smaller screen with smaller fontsChen Zhe
2020-02-16complete readmeChen Zhe
2020-02-16fix readme imageChen Zhe
2020-02-16removed unused images and condense generated htmlChen Zhe
2020-02-16bug fixes and add demosChen Zhe
2020-02-16initial commitChen Zhe
2018-08-02Merge pull request #19 from gcalmettes/masterPavel Kanyshev
2018-07-29correctly hide preview if item is the one being previewedGuillaume Calmettes
2018-07-29compute correct indexing of children items when multiple og-grid on the same ...Guillaume Calmettes
2018-05-23Merge pull request #17 from charly3pins/headChangedPavel Kanyshev
2018-05-21added faviconCarles Fusté
2017-08-28Merge pull request #11 from jacsmith21/masterPavel Kanyshev
2017-08-22modified links to open in new tabJacob
2017-08-22modified css include, footerJacob
2017-08-21added ability to define individual buttontextJacob
2017-08-21added ability to define individual buttontextJacob
2017-04-08Merge pull request #5 from gilbsgilbs/custom-cssPavel Kanyshev
2017-04-08Merge pull request #6 from gilbsgilbs/hide-linkPavel Kanyshev
2016-12-11Don't display button if not link is providedGilb's
2016-12-10Allow to add custom CSS files.Gilb's
2016-10-17Change base url in example config fileaerohub
2016-10-01Static folder added to the exampleSiteaerohub
2016-09-22Fix fonts import urlPavel Kanyshev
2016-08-25Set GA code before the closing <head>aerohub
2016-08-24Fixed linksPavel Kanyshev
2016-08-17Update README.mdPavel Kanyshev
2016-08-17Update README.mdPavel Kanyshev
2016-08-17Update README.mdPavel Kanyshev
2016-08-17Initial commitaerohub