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2020-07-25Fixed 'raw HTML omitted' when using markdownifyHEAD1.0masterDerek
2020-04-25Update README.mdDerek
2020-04-25Attempt to fix bullet pointsDerek
2020-03-20Minor doc changesDerek Severin
2020-03-14Example site grids fix +minor text correctionsDerek Severin
2019-11-21TODO tasks updatedDerek Severin
2019-11-21TODO tasks updatedDerek Severin
2019-07-16Changed deprecated .Dir - FIXDerek Severin
2019-07-16Changed deprecated .DirDerek Severin
2019-07-04GetPage update & minor spelling correctionDerek Severin
2019-07-02Minor fix after update to Hugo 0.55Derek Severin
2019-07-02Merge pull request #9 from thunderrabbit/masterDerek
2019-06-12Use the global hugo function.Rob Nugen
2019-06-12Fix spelling of taxonomies in READMERob Nugen
2019-06-12Use passive verb form of fetch in READMERob Nugen
2019-05-11Images: removed metadata and resized someDerek Severin
2019-05-11Added more featuresDerek
2019-04-21Minor changes after deployDerek Severin
2019-03-26Fixed C# url problemDerek Severin
2019-03-25No tags+catagories for taxonomies & 'back' linkDerek Severin
2019-03-25Set sections titles as linksDerek Severin
2019-03-25Dates not in italic and title-block added in CSSDerek Severin
2019-03-25Modified fontsDerek Severin
2019-03-18Modified project list elementsDerek Severin
2019-03-18Delete Scratch variables...Derek Severin
2019-03-18add a space...Derek Severin
2019-03-18Set number of columns for projects as configurableDerek Severin
2019-02-25Merge pull request #8 from 2-REC/image-galleryDerek
2019-02-11Added gallery tasks to doDerek
2019-02-11Added image gallery disclaimerDerek
2019-02-11Added kind of disclaimerDerek
2019-02-11Updated comments (input parameters info)Derek
2019-02-11Updated image fieldsDerek
2019-02-11Updated image fieldsDerek
2019-02-11Updated image fieldsDerek
2019-02-11Updated image fieldsDerek
2019-02-11Update image fieldsDerek
2019-02-11Update image fieldsDerek
2019-02-11Updated images fieldsDerek
2019-02-10Image gallery: Deleted commented codeDerek Severin
2019-02-10Image gallery: Added caption & copyright handlingDerek Severin
2019-02-10Image gallery: removed call to '.Inner' when no directory specified - as not ...Derek Severin
2019-02-10Image gallery: fixed directory check & added params in 'single.html' call to ...Derek Severin
2019-02-10Image gallery: changed 'gallery' shortcode to partialDerek Severin
2019-02-10Image gallery: removed 'share' buttonDerek Severin
2019-02-10Image gallery: set logo images as 'non Photoswipe'Derek Severin
2019-02-10Added image gallery - modified from 'liwenyip' hugo-easy-galleryDerek Severin
2019-01-18Added TODO tasksDerek Severin
2019-01-07Updated TODO.mdDerek Severin
2019-01-07Fixed 'mixed content' errors with URLsDerek Severin